Erotic Massages Prague – Let Professionals Spoil Your Body

Erotic massage Prague studios offer represent a safe space in which you can have a rest from everyday worries, rush and other characteristics of big cities. Erotic massages help our bodies to get rid of tension and make our minds still and peaceful.

The offering of provided techniques is wide so everyone will find the right kind to satisfy his or her requirements. However, if you are a woman longing for this exciting experience, you might be a little bit disappointed for one reason – the vast majority of workers providing these services are women.

Erotic Massage Prague – Services for Women

Generally, there is no reason not to attend a studio with masseuses if you are a woman. Erotic massage studios are open to everybody. Nevertheless, let’s face the fact that heterosexual women would probably prefer a male worker.

The Most Popular Technique

The most sought-after kind of erotic massages among female customers are those tantric ones. There is a much bigger amount of masseurs in specialized studios who provide much more than just releasing of sexual tension.

The Power of Tantric Massage

Tantra massage is a unique and sophisticated ritual based on tantric philosophy and principles which works with many layers of human body, mind and soul. It also has a variety of medical effects and brings deep psychological and physical relaxation that persists for a long time. Tantric massage equals energy work evoking arousal, tenderness, the feel of life force and inspiration.

How Does It Work in Practice?

Tantric massage is usually preceded by a friendly conversation with a skilled therapist, who asks clients what expectations and ideas they have. The massage is performed on a futon in a cozy room with the addition of candlelight and oriental music. Tantric massage also includes feather teasers, various oils or warmed-up cloths to make the whole experience even more pleasant, relaxing and restoring at the same time.

During the genuine tantric massage a practitioner pays high attention to client’s genitals, awakes sexual energy and distributes it throughout the entire body. If you do not feel fully ready for yoni massage as it is called, just tell your masseur.

After the massage is finished, you have a plenty of time to let your feelings subside and have a closing dialogue with your therapist. It is recommended to take a moment for yourself and calmly enjoy the profound experience.

If you are interested, this article contains an experience of a woman who has tried tantric massage, and this one describes the life of a tantric masseuse.

Benefits of Massages

Full body massages generally offer multiple benefits for female body:

  • Skin blood perfusion
  • Boost of libido
  • Immune system reinforcement
  • Release of muscle stiffness
  • Elimination of stress

Erotic Massage of Female Body Then and Now

in the 16th century, after the Renaissance spread from Italy to the rest of the Europe, erotic massages started becoming very popular. The intellectual basis of Renaissance – a new version of humanism – brought a high interest in human body.

Erotic massages has started being used to treat female hysteria. The process lay in rubbing of female genitals by a doctor or midwife until the patient had an orgasm. The state in which women had to be treated by this practice, used to be called “suffocation of the mother”.

In modern history, of course, this is no longer practiced, although the then physicians obviously knew what they were doing. It is generally known that sexual repression leads neither to psychological balance, nor to a better life in general.