How is sexting viewed by people?

Sexting may be defined as receiving or sending the sexually explicit photos or messages either through a mobile phone or any other social media. This trend has increased greatly these years and more and more people are utilizing their phones as the main communication method. It has been reported that almost 88% of the adults have engaged themselves in some kind of sexting. People worldwide have the access to messaging, video chatting, and social media due to the advancements in technology. It is very easy to use these modalities in a relationship. However, not everyone treats sexting in the same manner.

Some people view it as sending of the explicit or the provocative messages or the sexual images. Different people hold different opinions regarding sexting. It may not be limited to just sending of messages but may include Facebook, Twitter, Facetime, Skype, and the other social media platforms. It may mean sending sexual videos or nude body parts through video conferencing. This has complicated the matter and has broadened the definition of sexting. A very large number of people are engaged in this kind of behavior via many online websites like arousr. Surveys and research studies have proved that sexting can rekindle sex lives.

Is sexting cheating outside a relationship?

Sending of sexually explicit messages or sexting can improve a committed relationship. But, how sexting is viewed when people send these provocative messages outside any committed relationship? According to an article, 85% of women and 74% of men consider sexting outside the relationship as cheating. If sexting happens outside the relationship, then it turns exciting particularly for the individuals who want something extra in their lives. It may happen that these people are in love with their partners or spouses but they have lost the excitement and the passion in their relationship. For some people, they want a partner online with whom they can flirt and consider it safe.

Some people are happy and satisfied in their relationship but they think that they can find something better and interesting outside the relationship. Some other cases include where either men or women feel themselves to be invisible to their spouses or partners because of the over demanding children, careers, physical illness, mental illness, etc. They feel that through sexting with another person, they will feel desired and loved. Using this media, they justify their behavior and actions and they feel they are not cheating on their partners as there is not any kind of physical relationship between them. Many people believe that the nature of sexting is simulated, and it does not amount to cheating.

Improving the sexting skills

Sexting is about making a good relationship and developing an emotion. To make sexting better, write that you want to say on a paper and try to guess the response of the other person. When you practice it, try to make the response less sexual. Make the responses realistic and then make a gradual transition from the normal text messages to the erotic one. To get a partner for sexting, make use of the online sites like arousr and discover that it is an easy way to make a girl attracted to you.