Is a big age gap problematic for a relationship?

How many forums like “Help: my partner is older than me” or “Age difference in love” bloom on the internet? You ask yourself questions, and that’s normal. The first thing to say in these cases is that you are not alone! Although more and more common, this kind of relationship is still talked about because they are still considered by some to be out of the way marked by social norms.

When it’s an older man

Although this case is seen as more “classic,” it continues to talk to many people. Many women say they come out with an older man than they do for money, social status, and some even say that they find a substitute father! In front of all these rantings that would vex more than one (and for a good reason). Many yields under the social pressure of the entourage and put an end to a love story that could have made them discover new horizons. Indeed, older men are often more mature and know better what they want and what they do not wish to…

Moreover, we must not believe that they are not concerned about all these easy mockery and mischief. A man who goes out with a younger woman is likely to see the woman he loves called “Poulette” by all these colleagues and friends. Or even worse, we could stick to him a “midlife crisis (or other)” on the back.

When it’s older woman

If there is a “classic” case, it is because there is also a case out of the ordinary. Sorry ladies but here again we are the most judged. Because yes, in our society, we do not forgive a woman to grow old, especially if she is beautiful. The age still conveys an idea of “physical drift” in women and thus impacts much more its social condition than for a man. Although it is still taboo to appear on the arm of a younger man, recently, more and more women in their forties or more do not hesitate to turn to such partners. Less busy with their work and sometimes much more attractive than men of the same age.

So ignore the fear of the questions of the style “But what does he find him? And live your passion. After all, it’s your life, and you only have one until proven otherwise so live for you and not for others!

Couples with a strong age difference live fully in the present moment, they do not ask too many questions, and the acceptance of difference can be the cement of the couple. Complementarity is created, and some even laugh. Do not reveal that no it is not our mother or our father, but my companion or my companion can be delicious moments. Love has no age, no rules, and Sacha Guitry said “when you are twenty years older than a woman, it is she who marries you.”

Far from us the idea of apologizing to couples of different ages, but we must not hide the face, the situation can also lead to complications: the eyes of society can be badly lived, that of friends or the family. Imagine a girl who is the same age as her stepmother, at one time or another it rubs. The wonderful film “Amitiés Sincères” shows the dismay of a father beautifully played by Gérard Lanvin. His best friend, who is sleeping with his daughter will drive him crazy! Do not ignore the sex life of a couple outside the norms. In the beginning, everything seems simple, promising, and enchanting, but with age, cravings, biological capacities diminish. And do not talk about it, ostrich is not the right solution. But rest assured, doctors and science have done wonders to prolong libido and the ability to insure bed. What seems more worrying is that at a certain age, the boosters, the health problems multiply. It’s life, and the partner must integrate the fact that his or her companion is no longer as great as when he or she knew it!

age gap

10 years, 15 years or 20 years more in a couple is a choice and as Raymond Radiguet wrote in the sulfurous Devil in the Body in 1923 “All love includes his youth, his mature age, his old age.”

Many questions arise: questions that arise: does the age difference weaken the couple or on the contrary, does it make it stronger? Is the difference in generation and references difficult to turn or on the contrary is it more pleasant? How did parents in the broad sense (parents, brothers, sisters, or even children) react?