Top Commandments For Enjoying At A Gentlemen’s Club!

You have decided to visit a gentlemen’s club, also often called a strip club or adult entertainment club, for the very first time. It can be a bit overwhelming to think of the entire scene – flowing booze, topless entertainers and strippers all around you. Most men have a hard time understanding the norms, which is why we bring the top commandments that you need to know before visiting the best gentlemen’s club near the Bay Area.

  • You may see, but you dare not touch. Keep in mind that strippers are working for a living, and they are not equivalent to escorts. Most clubs have strict policies when it comes to strippers, and therefore, if you don’t want to be thrown out, keep your hands to yourself.
  • Tipping is a must. Never end up in a gentlemen’s club without cash. Tipping is not always compulsory but is expected at such places. How much you should tip depends on several factors, but generally speaking, keep an eye at what others are doing.
  • Say no, when you want to. Strippers will come to you for a lap dance and all other things, but if you don’t want to go for that, politely say a no. Keep in mind that strippers are absolute professionals, and whatever you seek from them comes for a price.

  • Check the website of the gentlemen’s club. This can be considered as a commandment of sorts, but you must check the website of the gentlemen’s club in advance to know what they have on offer. That way, you can actually plan your time there. From buffets to bottle service and private entertainers, the services can vary.
  • You must behave well with the strippers. All gentlemen’s clubs are very particular how guests treat the strippers. Even for a lap dance, no contact is allowed, so keep that in mind. Remember lap dances are expensive but worth the time.

Finally, don’t kiss or lick strippers and make sure that you are not using your phone. Most clubs have some norm or the other for phone use around strippers for privacy reasons, so keep that in mind. And yes, enjoy your time. Strip clubs are all fun and interesting, and for that, you must be open to the experience. If you have never tried a lap dance, shell that price and experience it at least once – You can thank us later!