What Does It Take To Create Body Rub Classifieds? Find Here!

A body rub is like a substitute or equivalent of a massage, except that it is often used in context of adult services. If you are someone who offers body rubs, prostate massages, and erotic services, you need to be careful as how your work is promoted. You don’t have to rely on word of mouth anymore, thanks to the internet. However, it takes some work to create body rub classifieds, and in this post, we decode what makes some of these ads so effective.

The focus is on words

“Your 20-year old masseuse in Dallas for hot oil massages and erotic fun. At your home or my place! Feel free to ask for a happy ending. No couples please”.

What does this ad tell you? Firstly, the person offering their services for individuals only. She is very clear that she doesn’t offer services for couples. Secondly, she is based in Dallas, so she is definitely targeting clients in that area only. Thirdly, she offers happy endings. Full services are not uncommon in this business, and it is better to let your client decide on what they want to have. Here, the girl is clear that she has oil massages to offer, and she would visit the client’s place on request. The term ‘erotic fun’ ensures the client knows that more can be expected.

Be specific

Typically, body rub classifieds are published on sites that promote adult services, there are a bunch of them out there. You have to check for such sites and be very specific with your listing. Make sure that the classified appears on the right part of the website and contains all the relevant information. Body rubs can mean many things, and the services are often individualized for the needs of the client. In some cases, intimate services like BJs can be included, while others just offer mutual fondling and basic kissing. Do not mislead your clients. If a client doesn’t get what is promised in the ad, he may never call up again – a situation that not adult service provider wants to deal with.

Finally, make sure that the ads have relevant tables filled. Most sites require to include a picture, which should be your own, and if you want to keep things private, you can choose to avoid the face. Post a few body rub classifieds to know how the internet can change the way people perceive your erotic services!